Eyelashes – How to restore the Beauty?

 I only have to do three things to look halfway decent, curl my eyelashes, fill in my eyebrows and put some lipstick on.”…Courtney Cox


Growing beautiful eyelashes is a combination of genetics, your environment and the habits you practice in caring for this beauty enhancing feature that accentuates the eye and entrances the beholder.

If you notice changes in your eyelash structure and appearance then you are probably experiencing some of the following:

  1. Sparse Eyelashes
  2. Lighter Eyelashes

  3. Fewer Eyelashes

  4. Slow re-growth of Eyelashes

Usually occurring together, each of these issues affects the overall beauty and appearance of the eye and indirectly your confidence.

First, let’s try and identify why some of these issues are happening and then look at potential solutions.

  • Genetics – inescapable – it may help or detract depending simply on the laws of nature.
  • Stress – a silent contributor to most afflictions it can also affect the growth and maintenance of hair.
  • Accident – Chemical, fire or unnatural causes that can impact the growth of lashes.
  • Disease – Some illnesses can deter or undermine the normal regeneration of hair.

To combat these circumstances, we seek remedies. Those remedies can come in the form of improved diets and dietary plans.   Watch and plan what you eat. Like hair on the scalp a poor diet can deprive your body of the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair follicles. Create a chart and institute a balanced diet containing foods that are rich in vitamin E.  This plan would include almonds, dry nuts, raw vegetables and fruits.  A diet regimen affects all body hairs and as a result can have a positive effect on the eyelashes.

Cosmetic applications mask the problem, in this case, to create the appearance of beautiful and appealing eyelashes. This process involves the use of mascara, eyeliner, fake eyelashes and extensions to accentuate and camouflage the eyes.

Medically, we have explored an option in a previous article. Discovered by accident there are accelerators which can grow long, thick lashes and restore the color and luster of youthful eyes. Our previous recommendation was for Idol Lash which we consider one of the better ones.

For additional reviews you can check out this site

Searching the web for the best product deals...

In addition, we recommend Revitalash. It has proven capabilities and works well for growth and restoration.

Product Features

  • Clinically tested
  • Opthalmologist tested
  • Extremely safe and effective

There are other products available on the market with varying claims. One of those is Lashfood with all natural ingredients and vitamin treatment. It may be less caustic but, in our opinion, fell a little short on performance compared to Idol Lash and Revitalash.

Remember you have choices and answers to your problems. The market is growing and progressing. We are inclined to believe that remedies will continue to evolve and more solutions will be created. Until then, you can be satisfied with the products which are available.


Let’s see how some customers viewed the product

 Words from TheRose321…….Ive been wearing individual false lashed for some time now (my natural one’s are barely visible to the naked eye). I love the way they look, but as we ladies know when its time to take them off some of your natural lashed come out as will. Over time my already sparse lashes were not growing back (or so it seemed to me). About a month ago I was at the hair removal spa and was a product called Revitalash. The spa was selling it for $140, and had before and after videos that looked to good to be true. I went home and looked for reviews online and found that Amazon sold it for $68, less than three trips to the lash lady and the reviews were positive so I said what the heck and bought it.

WOW! I wish I had taken before and after pictures……..it really works! My lashes have tripled, tripled!!! even the bottom ones are long and fill. I have only been using it for 3 weeks, and this stuff is supposed to last six months.

Ann says…..I had my doubts about this product. When I saw my co-worker and noticed how beautiful, silky, and long her eyelashes were becoming I was astound. I bought this product, still had a few doubts, but its been 3 weeks and I am a satisfied customer. Looking forward to but my next one.

Beverly A states……I bought Revitalash after I saw how my fiance’s daughters lashes grew after she started using this product. I had also bought a rival product which was touted to have worked better than most; i actually find Revitalash works best. I have seen a noticeable difference. I have long lashes, but in spots, there were missing lashes. Now those spots have grown in. I am a believer.



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